My last London themed post.
Which coincidentally features my last day in London. On this glorious and final day we made our way to the Sunday flower market on Columbia road. What a sight to behold. Gorgeous flowers line the street, everything from my favourite peonies to 
a 10 foot banana tree and all selling at what seems "Everthin' a fiver”. A feast for the eyes and the ears! 
Be warned people this is not a place for those who get frustrated at slow walkers/crowds/hay fever. However if you can, it’s definitely worth suffering for. Alongside an array of flowers there are also cute little shops selling vintage jewellery, furniture and art. We also picked up bites to eat on the walk down from café/restaurants with stalls and hatches selling grub. Very tasty.

After a rather late night before in Hoxton (hence the puffy eyes) I had to literally drag myself from bed to make it early, opening times are between 8am ’til 3'ish on a Sunday.
This scenario has my lazy go to outfit written all over it. I love this jersey dress from Topshop, mainly because it never needs ironed but it’s also super comfy. Throw on a denim jacket, belt and sandals and wa la!
As mentioned before this is a VERY busy area, this may explains my slightly silly photos and lack of. Between crowds and plants it was hard to get a good snap. The last picture was subsequent to getting attacked by a giant hedge that seemed to walk past. We are lucky I am here to tell the tale. Enjoy!

Dress, Denim Jacket and Shoes - Topshop
Belt - Primark
Bag - Ebay


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Some snaps from around London. 
So I guess I'm a slight typography fiend and looking back I can see a bit of a theme in my photos!
Two places I want to talk about which you might fine of interest. (last 4 photos) First, is a random but interesting gate, a place id never heard or seen before. Cross bones graveyard.
On Redcross Way, a tranquil back-street running parallel to Borough High Street, a big rusty iron gate adorned with ivy, ribbons, flowers, feathers, jewellery and a bronze plaque bearing the epitaph: 'R.I.P. The Outcast Dead'.
An area commemorating the Southwark prostitutes who were buried in unconsecrated, forgotten graves. Find out more here.

On a lighter note just round the corner I was introduced to my new favourite place, Gelateria – 3Bis … here fresh batches of gelato are made every day in full public view, using traditional equipment, including an authentic machine from the 1950s AND chocolate on tap, literally.
The range of gelatos is unique and in abundance. I basically tried every one before settling on pistachio and Crème Brule, along with lemon and strawberry sorbet. YUM


While in London the lovely Hayley let me crash at hers for a night and to re pay her I made her pose for photos for my blog (thanks Hayley) She took me round all the sights of East London/South East and I’ve now found some of my favourite places.
Hayley I met in foundation year of Art College and like any arty student she always thinks outside the box. Perhaps this is what happened when during our days adventure she had to go pick up her hula hoop (like you do)… Just a typical day eh!
To match her eccentric personally, she wears this eye-popping tie-dye dress from urban outfitters, which I fell in love with, teamed with a leather jacket and boots.

Dress- Sparkle & Fade from Urban Outfitters.
Leather jacket - Muubaa 
Shoes - Office
Bag - Asos
Hoop - Homemade and fabric is a print from oh baby london. (baby shop)


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My trip to London wasn't all fun and games. The first day was all about work, in the form of menswear buying for Cloth and the spring/summer 2012 collection. (Ok, so that was fun)
I really enjoyed looking through all next seasons clobber, not only did I want all the clothes but it was like being a kid again dressing my ken doll.
I am in the process of doing a lot of fun things with Cloth that I will up date you on as it progresses, but for now here’s just a few snaps from the day!


London baby woohoo. After arriving Wednesday and running all over London looking at menswear. I retired to my lovely friend Hayley’s house were she put me up for the night (thanks Halz). Fresh as a daisy Thursday we set off on our adventures. Well, across the road to borough market. What a wonderful hidden gem, a feast for the eyes and the belly.

I will probably do a post to share some snaps of the sights but for now this is what I wore on what turned out to be a rare sunny delight.

The moment my eyes met this Dahlia dress I new I was in love. Peter pan collar, check. Lace detailing, check. I dont know why its called 'The Pamela dress' because it was clearly made for me. But what is this? It’s now sold out… I was devastated to say the least. I emailed Dahlia to ask would they be getting in again (at this point I now HAVE to have it) A very quick and lovely response came back to say it was. Just like that. Waa laaaa

It’s worn with my Topshop army jacket and woven shoes. I also slipped on my ever so lovely H&M cycling shorts underneath, this allows me to do hand stands without a care in the world ;)

Pamela Dress - Dahlia
Jacket - Topshop
Shorts (worn underneath) - H&M
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Ebay



Wow I went instagram crazy on London’s ass. I had an amazing time, working with cloth menswear buying for next season, seeing new places and catching up with friends. Above is a small snippet of what I got up to, I've linked most places featured above, all definitely worth a look. Any questions just drop me a comment.

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Well im on a roll tonight, getting my post done before 10pm and some extra snaps to share. No doubt this will be the same next week as I head to London on Wednesday, I get very snap happy when im there!
If you've any recommendations for places to see which aren't the usual hot spots, send ideas my way.

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Although this isn’t a fashion post, I couldn’t resist sharing some snaps from my bestie’s lovely house and talk nails!
University partner in crime (Kerry from 17twelve) invited me round this week for a good catch up and some birthday celebrations. This involved tea, cake and getting my nails done too.
For someone with a slight addiction to nail polish, I have never actually got my nails done professionally. Until now… Kerry treated me to her new nail treatment she bought over in America (It can be done here but costs a lot more) I’m never sure what the right name is to call it. Some people use Shellac/Gelish/Sensationail etc but whichever you use, it’s basically a polish that uses UV light to harden resulting in none chip nail polish that lasts 14days+
I can’t hype this enough, within days I’m usually hiding my chipped scraggly nails from eyes view but a week later these bad boys are still looking great. The only down side is, I get bored very easily with the same colour and unfortunately you cant easily wipe it off and pick something new as quick.

Have you ever tried this, if so what do you think?


Quick post. So, first off let me say I’m not really big into my designer labels, most of my wardrobe falls into the high street category or below. However since I can remember my love for fashion, I can remember Mulberry. I don’t know what it is that draws me in, maybe the sweet smell of leather, the simply pretty designs or the fact I want what I cant have (more like afford)
But to my surprise what awaited me for my birthday was more than I could dream of… and here she is (Cue angelic sound, hawwwwwwww)



So with some time to spare I was filling my imaginary shopping bags again. Some things I know I wont be getting unless I win the lottery (Here’s looking at you Mulberry bag, sigh).
Finally this headpiece seems to be doing the rounds on the bloggers circuit, although I don’t think I could ever pull on off, this one by Rock N Rose is so pretty, I want it… even to look at from afar.

The shoes also from Topshop I think will be a good summer replacement for my black wedge boots that I lived in all autumn, winter… and spring. Oh look, a bag to match the shoes, why not!
Moving on to more achievable items such as the Topshop nail polish, Daydream. A fitting name for what I will be doing over the other items. I love their packaging and such a sweet colour. A lovely match for the Mac lipstick perhaps?
Regal Rose is a perfect place for affordable jewellery that looks the part, my silver jewellery has dwindle in the past year, so might have to stock up with these beauties.

Nail Polish, Daydream - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Silver Rings - Regal Rose
Stud Bag - Topshop
The Del Rey - Mulberry
Floral Head Piece - Rock N Rose
Lipstick, Please Me - Mac


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They say blondes have more fun; well, let me introduce you to Samantha and tonight it's her birthday! (Happy birthday doll)
This was her outfit of choice at the weekend. A marl grey tee with full skirt, paired with neon wedges.
What I like about this look is its simplicity, adding a burst of colour through the shoes. Samantha’s style is always perfectly chic and simple with a few surprises up her sleeve. Quite literally, she’s not shy of a shirt or 100. For her birthday treat we added another shirt to her collection. Check it out here.
No doubt we will be featuring Sam a lot on Love Cloth, as I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a bit of a babe. 

Top - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop