Check out these beauties, after my trip to the hummingbird bakery I just had to attempt my own Red Velvet cupcakes. Good old Google helped me out on the recipe! Similar ones here and tips here.


I’m slightly here and there when it comes to ‘My week in snaps’ it may not be this week but we get there eventually. Why not check them out as they come on instagram @kimlovescloth

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The best of winter jumpers.

Its great having a friend who has such a vast array of jumpers come rain or shine, a few weeks into winter and she’s already stocked up on these 6 new beauties.
Top of my favourites list, the bat jumper by J Anderson for Topshop. Its chunky, its black and its got a giant bat… its also got Nicci’s name written all over it (hypothetically speaking) and it's especially perfect for the Halloween week. Unfortunately it sold out but other J Anderson is still available.

Next is the pinched boyfriend jumper by Lyle and Scott. I think girls are missing a trick if they don’t sample a few bits of menswear here and there. The oversized style is super comfy and it doesn’t need to look frumpy styled with disco pants/heels.

Saddle up folks the next item is from… M&S! Yes can you believe it? M&S actually has some really nice knits, just try and look beyond the images and think of ways to wear that’s more your style.

For that extra winter cosy it’s also about the knit hat, again next time your looking for one check out the guys selection. These are Topman and Universal Works. Worn with a Topshop Sweat and Folk mens Knit, for that real casual style. Simples.

Last but not least (again gif crazy, apologies) this outfit shows jumpers don’t need to be for just daywear and Miss Selfridge is where it’s at. They have a lot of finer jumpers with grungy stitches, embellishments and mixes of chiffon.
I hope you enjoyed our jumper selection. It definitely makes me want to go out and get knitted. Big thanks to Nicci, who without her 365 day winter wardrobe we would be nowhere.

I have tried to link all jumpers where still available and if not the general jumper section.
Worn with Heels - Topshop
Vans - Office
Disco Or Die Pants - Yayer


Last week I made a trip to London, for a little work and of course, some play.
We did lots of things but a few highlights included a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, which does make you feel like your doing good to your brain. I particularly enjoyed the filmed piece of David Beckham sleeping ;) Other pieces that caught my eye were the Andy Warhol prints of Queeny and this slightly freaky 3D sculpture ek. (its suppose to be her too)

Of course we made time for shopping, from the kings road to brick lane and making a quick stop to one of my favourite buildings in London, Liberty's. 
We also checked out the Lyle and Scott store in Covent Garden that had a cute pop up woolly golf course in aid of Wool Week.

After a long day we decided to treat ourselves for a lovely meal at Dean Street Town House in Soho. The classy lassie that I am, I ordered the fish n chips (minus the paper and grease), which was perfect. The restaurant interior is gorgeous and has a great OM-bience (See Mickey Flanagan joke)


The trees are golden and its barely stopped raining, yep autumn is finally here.
I got this outfit a while back and I think since then the trouser have went in to sale (hate when that happens) but I guess it’s the love not value of clothes right? 

I think the tapestry floral print is a perfect transition into AW and you cant beat the cigarette trouser with a big cosy knit combo. 

For the extra warm factor I went for my ‘I look like I’m still at school’ coat. Made by YMC in collaboration with Gloverall, taking the classic elements of a Gloverall duffel coat (the horn toggles and that heavy wool exterior) and bringing them up to date with a contemporary design. 

To really top off my 12-year-old-look, my shoes are from Clarks! Yes, Clarks. Who would have thought we would ever utter those words again, after the days of black patent school shoes.

Happy Monday!

Jumper & Trouser - Topshop
Coat - YMC
Shoes - Clarks 


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There’s a nip in the air. Lucky for me the guys over at Cloth have added some warm and cosies for the ladies on their website. Unfortunately for me I was roped into wearing them for the online shop… if you fancy a new winter warmer or just want to look at some awkward snaps of me, go check them out here.

The coats are like portable duvet covers and would make the transition from bed to outdoors a dream!
I am still in debates of what jacket to go for… which one do you think?

My Autumn/Winter wardrobe is starting to take shape and it seems to be filling up rightly with an androgynous feel, full of oversized jumpers, tapered trousers and as always with a brother and boyfriend the odd pinched piece.
Here I teamed my Rockwool Vest with Topshop Leighs, a nabbed Our Legacy Jumper and my new Penfield hat. Perfect.


Winter is upon us, which means it's time for the wardrobe change over. I’ve been searching the World Wide Web and making my list of things I want and cant afford. The usual.
So I’ve two options. 1.Rob a bank, 2.Start saving. As a good citizen, I’m going to go with the latter, so it might be a while before these grace my blog posts.
It seems to be a lot more edgy/gothic my winter taste, leather, dark colours and a whole lot of menswear. But I’ll be sure to give it a more girlie twist with lace, peterpan collars and a cute little deer bag. Bless.
What’s this? My new mood ring tells me if I buy all this, I will be happy. That’s it settled then.

Leather Skirt - Dahlia
Burgundy Top - Urban Outfitters
Penfield hat - Cloth
Fur hat - Topshop
Mood ring - RocknRose
Boots and deer bag - Topshop
Heart jumper - Wildfox