After surviving the end of the world on December 21st we now face the end of 2012.
I am really excited for a new year to start. Although we can make change any time of the year, it seems more fitting to party away the old year and start something new in 2013.
I haven’t decided on my new years resolutions yet but I try not to pick the usual ‘get fit’ ‘eat healthy’ and ‘read more’ promises, because it never happens. oopsy
What about you lot? What new years resolutions have you decided on, maybe you can inspire me.

So as mentioned before, we know what the 31st really means… a good excuse for a party and time to get the frocks on.
This dress has featured before in a previous post and as mentioned it normally rears it head round the Christmas party time, it just has such a fun girlie element about it that I enjoy prancing about in (wa la). So instead of buying something new, I decided to update it with this shirt and bow tie combo I love.
Incase anyone has seen my tweets about the hair cut these pics where taken pre chop. Its not much shorter, perhaps comes to the top of this dress but I feel so lost without it ha… how sad to be so attached to hair, but those with long hair will understand even a small trim is major lol

Dress - Topshop Old
Shirt and Bow tie - Asos
Boots - Topshop, Similar here

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The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.
Although if you have my voice, best not. So I decided to wear a festive jumper, which really puts me in Christmas spirits. I saw this beauty in Urban Outfitters and couldn’t resist. Being sold out for women it turned up in the men’s section but it fits just fine… you know my fondness for menswear anywoo and I love my jumpers that bit more oversized.
Loving the sequin sparkle that matches my Orly Nails.

Well not long now until Santa’s on his sleigh, I’m like a big kid when it comes to Christmas (see bottom photo for my excitement face) Being the youngest in the family I’m usually up first and impatiently circling the presents room until everyone else gets up. 
Last but not least, I just wanted to wish everyone who reads my blog a very Merry Christmas. Hope you have an amazing day, with lots of food and merriment.
I am sure if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will be updated with my antics over the upcoming festivities.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night! x

Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Shoes - Office

Spread Christmas Cheer


Ok, I will confess. I never use to get that into Christmas. Dont worry, the past few years I’ve really got back into the swing of things… If you follow me on instagram or twitter you will have seen a small snippet of the preparations so far. Which usually consists of Christmas movies, covering every inch of the house in lights, a lot of eating and Michael Buble.
It’s really beginning to look alot like Christmas.
This also means a few extra nights out up my sleeve, or in this case these lovely Minkpink ones.
Minkpink is one of my favourite brands, vintage inspired they are my go to for dresses and shirts, normally something a bit different with an amazing print.
Throw on some fur (fake) and heels and we are ready to go. I also rekindled my holiday romance with the 'H
eidi braid' thanks to the lovely Grace and her hair tutorial post. However mine never turns out as good.
Right time to get out of bed and get my Christmas shopping on!
Hows everyone else coming along?

Dress – Minkpink
Faux fur Scarf - Topshop
Shoes & socks - Topshop

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I am in love with this playsuit. Turns out, its very versatile, dress it up or down. For all you 
velve-a-phobes (people afraid of velvet, new word) it actually doesn’t have that funny feeling when you rub it the wrong way. You’ll understand what I mean if you’re a velvet hater.
As per usual I went a little Topshop crazy and along with my new outfit, I snapped up some lippie and a nail polish. Two must haves from a Toppers shop. Obviously when I got home I realised, hey, these look familiar. But as I say, a girl can’t have enough of this colour.

I also took a snap of what I like to do with my clothes, I don’t know if it’s just me. But I always do a little ‘style it on a hanger’ first. I don’t know if it's just because I can’t be bothered trying on different outfits, but rather see how the hanger wears it first ha

Well there was a lot to say about this post, like how I coincidently came across this book when thinking of a title, how I pinched another scarf (brothers), that my boyfriend actually thinks I look like a rabbit or that this is my new favorite peterpan collar shirt… like I said, far to much to say.

Hope you like,

Photos by @polkadoteye on her snazzy new camera

Playsuit & Shirt - Topshop
Nails and Lips - Topshop
Tights - M&S
Shoes - Bertie (similar)


So Christmas ideas are going around the blogosphere like crazy, so why not throw in my 2p’s worth. I thought I'd share some fun little finds that might spark your imagination or places to shop and all under £20, if I remember right.
Anyways, perfect little tokens for friends at Christmas.
My friends and I actually stopped buying gifts a few years back and instead made the effort to all get together for a big girls night out.
So I guess this is a like 'here’s what you would've got' segment ha... I wonder if they guess theirs.
Where do you get your little stocking fillers?


Just a quick post to show you Nicci’s jumper. Once she spied this chemistry jumper in Topshop she couldn't resist, it was her own little salute to the big bang theory (Uber fan)
When I think of Nic’s wardrobe, I think of her vast array of graphic jumpers and tee’s, she wears them perfectly by dressing them up, here with all black and heels or tucked into her go to denim Levis shorts.
Having never owned a graphic jumper myself I think this December I might give it a whirl, here I come Christmas jumper!

Live long and prosper!
Love cloth

Top to bottom - Topshop

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