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Coat-Penfield C/o Cloth. Shirt C/o Olive Clothing. Jeans - JBrand. Shoes - Clarks.

Not quite April, but the showers bit is true...
I seem to be talking a lot about the weather on my blog lately, but what is the deal with it? It's spring for crying out loud, after spending most of the weekend snowed in on my ‘holidays’ to Shropshire, it feels more like the depths of winter.
Luckily back home all we seem to have had are gale force winds and April showers (well, its more like torrential rain but that didn’t quite the same ring to it)
Nothing cheers up some pants weather than a bright sunny coat and nothing could be sunnier than this bad boy from my favourite maker of coats Penfield. Worn with my new Jbrand jeans, these could possibly be the comfiest jeans ever created and with a hole in the knee…wow, that just throws me back to my days when all I wanted was to dress like clarissa explains it all. Que dad jokes of ‘did you buy those like that?’

A pretty casual look I will admit but cold winds aren’t suited to pretty peterpan collared dresses. Jeans and shirts are my usual wardrobe staples for such climates. More pretty polka dots from Olive Clothing adding cute details as always and what’s great about this shirt is it’s luxe feel compared to a lot of my other shirts from the high street, which always makes like I’ve made an effort to dress up and look smart.
I’ve also a new feature coming to the blog in the coming week… all very exciting, I wont reveal too much at the minute but maybe do a teaser in the coming days to give you all a heads up.

Lastly I’m still on my campaign, for #CompanyStyleBloggerAwards 2013. Make sure your letting me know if you nominate. THANK you to everyone who has so far... I didn’t think I would have even got one.

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Dress - Free People. Blue Necklace - Old Topshop. Beaded Necklace - New Accessorize. Bag - Brit Stitch. Shoes - Office.

Is it Spring? Sorry I couldn’t tell through the wind, rain and snow. Slightly depressing as I’ve been slowly gathering a collection of new Spring/Summer clothes and not being able to wear them. BUT I am going to Barcelona end of April. Can't wait. So apologies in advance if all my posts hereafter are slightly ahead of our current climate. I shall start my trip advisors pleas now, if anyone has any recommendations of places to go and see in Barcelona please comment below?

Regardless of the weather. I’m in love with this Free People shirtdress… especially the retro style sleeve. I’ve mostly been wearing it with tights and my wooly denim jacket (shown in my week in snaps post) but when spring finally rears its warmer head this is how I will be styling it. Pretty necklaces from Accessorize, they have so many beauties at the minute and my cute as a ‘half pint’ little Brit Stitch bag. In my favourite colour no less.
I love how Brit Stitch came about. Toby was the local milkman who needed a cash bag. On his round was Peter Jones, a master leather craftsman who made him one. That was 1967. From that bag an idea grew and that idea is Brit-Stitch. Cuuuuuute.

Last but not least, I’m sure you’ve all been hearing the mummers and pleas about Company Style blogger awards 2013. Just thought I’d add my little efforts in… As I always hear, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. I would love if any of you guys would nominate my blog. Only if you feel it should be.
I’m new to all this, so I guess I fit under the
"Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer, sponsored by New Look(blog must be less than a year old)
"Best Fashion Blog – Newcomer"
or which ever you think suits, if any ha
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Let me know if you do and I will send you a BIG thank you…


New JBrand Jeans - Olive Shirt - Giveaway Love Necklace - Teacup cocktail - NEED - Cake time - Free People Dress and Denim Jacket OOTD - Joni Jeans - More Cocktails - Beer Candle - Salad - Brit Stitch - Kitty Love - Guilty Pleasure - Lift fun.


It may not feel spring like but I’m dying to get purchasing some summery items. Especially now I’ve a few holidays booked. I haven’t done a wish list post in ages, but as I was having a gander over the web today, I thought why not share my finds.

Check out the cute girlie pieces from, Beginning Boutique. I have only merely window-shopped this store as I’m wondering what would import tax be like from Oz, so let me know if you’ve bought anything from here. 

I’ve been getting into my hats more and more, so I think this straw fedora is going to be on the cards this spring too. I always find on holidays my hair goes a lot lighter in the sun, so a hat is a handy accessory to protect it.

Speaking of protection, Sunglasses are my weakness. I’ve been dying to get a lovely colorful pair a la how two live. I think these are a good starting point in a cute girlie pink. Marc Jacobs is the designer of the moment with his collaboration with diet coke so when I stumbled across his sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs it was love at first sight. Not too pricey but lovely classic shades.

I WANT a short suit. So badly. I don’t know how well it fits into just day-to-day routines. But I would make this Kooples short-suit my everything ha I love the colour and its understated Jacquard pattern. Most definitely out of my price range.. but this is a wish list right?
Another keep dreaming item is this YMC dress. You all know my love for the brand and I think this would be perfect for SS13 worn with cute office shoes or dressed up, something I could even double up for the many weddings I seem to be attending this year.

Finally how amazing is this Grafea leather camera bag from My bag. Perfect for summer adventures out and about snapping blog posts, a nicer alternative to my black nylon canon case wouldn’t you say.

Let me know if you like these kind of posts.
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Maybelline – SuperStay 14HR Lipstick. Nars Sheer Glow. Topshop nails - War Paint. Topshop Lipstick - Sartorial. Touche Veloutee - BYTERRY

If you’re a follower of my little blog, you’ll know I’m not usually in the business of beauty blogging… but a few of you have asked about my make up so I thought I would share a few recent purchases (with help from a lovely SpaceNK voucher)

First up and something I can't live without, Nars sheer glow foundation (repurchase). It’s my favorite by far, working well with my dry skin to give me a natural glow. I bounce between two colours, Fiji and Deauville depending on how tan/pale I am.

Next are my latest lip purchases, a shopping trip is never complete. Maybelline 14hour lipstick excited me greatly; I love the thought of putting it on and it staying in place all day. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, credit due, it doesn’t budge. However I did have to reapply and it made my lips even drier than before. Perhaps this could’ve been the reason for its lack of staying power, my lips just stucked it up. This weather is really paying havoc on them.

Next up, Topshop Sartorial. I love Topshop lippie, a lovely shade of corally/red perfect for spring/summer. Hopefully feature these both in an outfit post soon so you can see the colour in person.

I guess I went slightly pink crazy and like when I purchase a Topshop lipstick I inevitably buy a polish, not necessarily to match but hello ‘war paint’

Lastly I wanted to try a new under eye brightener and having heard good reviews ByTerry was definitely on the cards, by the lady who brought us YSL touche ├ęclat. Its got a bit more coverage but gives that lovely lightness similar to YSL.  My new best friend for sleepy eyes.

Hope you liked this little change.. always love to hear new ideas from you all.

Oh one last thing... i'm sure your being asked all the time, but would love if you would vote me for Company Style blogger newbie. Thanks everyone who has :)


Jacket - Topshop. Shirt - H&M. Jumper - YMC.  Jeans - Joni Topshop. Shoes - Office.

Yehhhh a big thank you to everyone who’s getting involved in my first giveaway, great response and cant wait to see who the winner will be... It could be you (lottery voice) If you haven’t seen it yet, firstly where have you been? and secondly… click here.

Check out the new man in my life, he doesn’t do much talking and has a heart of stone… I think I might break up with him, but for now he’s a lovely addition to posing alone. 
Got my good faithful combo on: Topshop Joni’s and Office shoes (which I think are in sale now). Along with a few other layers as the weather has turned its back on me again. A bargain of a jumper off the ASOS website, if I remember it was something like £200+ down to £60 and I loooovvvve YMC. It always has that perfect womenswear meets menswear combination.

Just to wonder off the subject. I recently read an article in ID magazine with Lena Dunham of Girls, if you have a love for the show I would highly recommend reading as its laugh out loud funny.  It also makes you hopelessly want to be her best friend. Not only is she the writer, producer, director and star of Girls, wow. In the article she talks of her devotion to the Ashley Simpson show and watching every episode as a kid:"It was totally amazing. I was totally obesessd with it. She'd be like 'I'm worried about my album' and then someone would say, 'what are your worried about?' and she'd be like 'I dont know,I'm not really worried'. Like, for the whole show.
Amazing synopsis from Lena… I actually watched this? yes! who else loved it as much as me? (which I can now admit) Due to this fact I have gave homage to my teen years with my title: Pieces of me. What was everyone else's shouldn't have, but loved it show?

If anyone fancies nominating me for Company Style Blogger  as a newbie that would be amazing! thanks to anyone who has so far, couldn't believe it :)