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I was born in Northern Ireland but now I’m living in London (one step closer to the dream of becoming Alexa’s bff. Watch this space).

I LOVE cats, burgers, comic-book films, taking photographs, exploring, graphic design, interior design, burgers…did I say burgers?

My wardrobe consists of pinafores, dungarees, stripes, anything silver, smock dresses and lots of denim (I basically like to dress like my five year old self – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).


I originally started my blog after I graduated. I really missed design and illustration and I felt like I needed a creative outlet. I decided to combine those skills with my love for photography and fashion (okay, addiction) and ta-da…LOVE CLOTH was born.

In 2013 I was lucky enough to win Best Newcomer Award at the Cosmo Blog Awards (*squeals*) which was honestly amazing and I’ve never really looked back since then.

Blogging has introduced me to so many new people. Brands I’ve worked with include: Cosmopolitan, ASOS, Company Magazine, Habitat, Warehouse and Arcadia.

My blog is packed full of lots of different things – outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, interior ideas, travel diaries, lifestyle posts…pretty much everything. If you ever have any thing you’d like to see me do more of, then please leave a comment and let me know!


CATS: One – Tigger. It’s true love.
SMOCK DRESSES IN MY WARDORBE: Seriously too many to count.
CUPS OF TEA CONSUMED A DAY: 4 (but I don’t really like coffee, so I think it’s allowed!)
SILVER ACCESSORIES OWNED: About 15? I’m a magpie, I can’t help it!
BURGER PHOTOS ON MY INSTAGRAM: Probably about one a week?! You do the maths!
A-LINE SKIRTS TRIED ON THIS SEASON: About 454 but then I found the one.
TIMES I’VE MET ALEXA CHUNG: Once (and I’ve only been in London about a year. My work here is done!)


  1. I am 6 and just got my usual size hope this helps :)

  2. Do you wear hair extension? If so which ones? You hairs lovely xx

    1. Sorry no hair extension... its all mine!

    2. What hair products do you use and what do you do with you hair? Its lovely. :)

  3. in your blog post for tea for two, what watch is your uni friend wearing in the photo?
    I would really love to know! thank you

    1. its a Gucci g-frame collection watch her lovely husband got her. lucky girl!

  4. Do you use a template for your blog? Or did you write the code yourself? Thanks!
    P.S. i loove your blog :)

  5. What do you use to edit your photos and also did you design your blog?

    Daydreams Heart

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Hi ya....how do you do the "shop the look" at the end of each blog post? Thanks



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